Stefan Kutka Geschäftsführer Rossy


Stefan got into computers very early in life. He’s a supporter at heart and appreciates pragmatic, lean solutions that create real added value. He wanted and wants his customers to benefit from ever better high-tech – because it is a driver of entrepreneurial competitiveness. Stefan’s formula for a better world in short: Nice people + support mentality + knowhow + hightech + cloud = ROSSY.


Team Besprechung

GitLab for RTLZWEI

In 2023, through the implementation of GitLab as a central code hosting tool and code versioning system (CVS), RTLZWEI achieved significant improvements and cost savings.

umwerk systems is now ROSSY

After ten years as umwerk systems, we are now rebranding. Since September 2023, we go by the name ROSSY. Find out why.

Innovation with cost awareness

Exnovation is an excellent cloud strategy. It brings the cost of innovation down to the real level.

Obituary – Rest in Peace, Mr. Umwerk.

We still cannot fathom what has occurred: on April 21, 2021, Andreas Jungbauer passed away suddenly and completely unexpectedly. Our obituary.


CI, CD and DevOps is here to stay, and for good reason – it’s awesome! Gone are the times where developers yearned for a streamlined process to launch projects into the wild.

Best practices for developers.

To this day, many Google services such as Gmail, Google Search, Google Maps and the Google App Engine, to name but a few, all run within containers. Get to know Kubernetes!

High performance & scalability.

The solution for top performance, is IT infrastructures that can withstand waves of varying numbers of users.

Homeoffice VPN solutions

We provide your business with VPN infrastructures, allowing your employees to work seamlessly, whether they’re in the office or at home.

Nextcloud for homeoffice teams.

While COVID-19 presents itself as a challenge for many non-digitally optimized companies, Nextcloud can do so much for you.

Docker – container(er)s everything

With Docker, our customers only pay for the resources they use, reducing their time-to-market and time-to-value and streamlining their portfolio.