DevOps, CI/CD and automation!

A real-life DevOps culture combined with continuous deployment and continuous integration spurs teamwork between development and operation teams. It cultivates a sense of transparency and generates a competitive advantage. Automation helps to prevent errors that humans tend to overlook and establishes the groundwork for a digitalized culture within an enterprise.

We’ll pick your developer team up wherever they may happen to be. We’ll plan out and realize dynamic infrastructures in the cloud and equip all stakeholders with the necessary know-how and toolsets to efficiently collaborate toward achieving their requirements.

DevOps is a digital culture!


Infrastructure as code
Complexity made manageable; security made auditable!


Microservices & Containerization
Shorter time to market. Better scalability!


Continous Integration & Continous Delivery
Automation is key!

As a result, the transformation and development processes of software products speed up – with simultaneous high quality and more error resilience. We support you in the rollout of the DevOps approach in your company culture and in the introduction of appropriate change steps.

1. Infrastructure as Code

Complexity made manageable; security made auditable!

Using Infrastructure as Code, we put complexity under control. Because meeting the unique requirements of cloud providers, networks, servers, and databases, inherently generates specific dependencies.

Infrastructure as Code is code elegantly designed to your project-specific mold and versioned like any other programming code. Using standard versioning techniques, infrastructure deployments can be regularly reviewed and continually improved. These regular reviews help to establish an error-resilient environment where every change and improvement is thoroughly cross-examined. By having IaC at our disposal, we’re able to lower running costs and deploy systems in unbeatable times.

To put it simply, Infrastructure as Code is a modern solution to a complex problem, helping teams collaborate and deploy multiple environments without hindering their progress with the specificities of different cloud providers.

2. Microservices & Containerization

Shorter time to market. Better scalability!

Good cloud concepts are a decisive factor when it comes to competitiveness. Consistency between the live environment and the developer’s notebook makes your software development more efficient in terms of results and easier to maintain.

Thanks to containerization, developer teams can get to work immediately. With targeted expertise, we support your teams hands-on in migrating applications (individual developments, third-party software or a mix of the two) in containers and/or in setting up new microservice architectures without any delays.

Opt-in for a scalable environment which offers your end consumers with the digital experience they’ve come to expect. Profit from stability, prioritized resource utilization and outstanding cost-efficiency.

3. Continous integration & continous delivery

Automation is key!

Following containerization, the next step is to make your services available in the cloud. Fast, automated deployments in highly available infrastructures: Now that’s our cup of tea! We provide developer teams with the necessary tools to support them in their introduction to CI/CD pipelines.

We have your back with the work that we do; focus on continuously making your product better and more efficient. From software development all the way to publication, we design a cost-optimal, individual infrastructure in alignment with your specifications. By automating complex processes, you gain valuable error resilience while the overall experience of the finished product improves.

Benefit from flexibility and clear competitive advantages: Firstly, this way, your development is always on the forefront of the latest technologies. Secondly, the time to market for new features is significantly reduced, allowing you to remediate bugs and holes in security faster.

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