Homeoffice VPN solutions

Corona means home office for your employees.

“Okay guys, work from home now!” That’s easier said than done.

If your company is not yet equipped with an infrastructure that easily allows employees to work from home, then you’re in the right place.

ROSSY is able to provide high-quality, short-term VPN solutions, to help your teams continue working without interruptions.

Our team of IT specialists have cloud computing under control. We’re on standby to support companies in configuring secure home office solutions with the least amount of downtime.

Contact us if you’re lacking the right tools, infrastructure or if you’re not sure whether your current setup guarantees a high-level of data security. We can provide your employees with secure access to company networks and cloud infrastructures.

OpenVPN / IPsec

With OpenVPN or IPsec, we rely on secure, encrypted, proven Open Source technologies that set worldwide standards. Making solid decisions for your company in these times of crisis can be hard. Allow us to simplify the process. We recommend industry-proven business VPNs that keep your employees connected and ready to collaborate, at any location.

OpenVPN and IPsec are secure, fast, flexible and free of license fees. We are able to provide industry-proven implementations, support and monitoring, with fixed SLAs.

What do you have to do?

Less than you think. Contact us and let us guide you to a quick solution. We will submit an offer that includes support, monitoring and SLAs. If you wish, we can either take over the implementation completely for you, or coordinate with your existing IT department.

Most importantly – stay safe everyone!

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