About our team

Since 2013, our team of cloud-admins has been making waves as umwerk systems. But as of October 2023, we proudly go by the name Rossy. That’s short for our headquarters at Rosenheim + Systems. Yeah, that’s deep, we knew you’d like that.

And that’s just fine since we’re not ones to shy away from being likable ourselves. Our team’s expertise in cloud computing creates sustainable advantages for our clients. We simplify complexity within their IT infrastructure and ensure smooth operations. At the end of the day, we’re happy to enable our clients to focus wholeheartedly on their core business while we handle the rest.

Rossy since 2013


We’re AWS Partner

We embrace a 100 % hybrid organizational structure, working as a remote team. We welcome Erwin Hymer Group and BORA as new clients. Additionally, we proudly become an official AWS partner. Moreover, we are thrilled about our HashiCorp/Nomad collaboration with TH-Rosenheim, which promises new opportunities. In the fall, we transition from umwerk systems GmbH to ROSSY IT GmbH.


Our First Trainee

We welcome BayWa and Süddeutsche Zeitung as new clients. Furthermore, we celebrate the exciting addition of our first ever Werkstudentin and Azubi. Yippie! We are now recognized as an official “IHK-Ausbildungsbetrieb”. Our strong management board continues to steer our strategic focus and customer-centric approach. 


Rest in Peace, Andreas

In the second year of the pandemic we bid farewell to Andreas Jungbauer, the founder of our partner company, umwerk GmbH. His sudden and unexpected passing on April 21, 2021, casts a shadow over the people and teams of our group of companies. 


Covid 19

While the world stands still due to COVID-19 we rapidly transform into a 100 % remote company. We provide steadfast support to hansgrohe’s IoT migration and effectively manage significant portions of their cloud infrastructure. Furthermore, our long-term client, V-Bank AG, expands their engagement, entrusting us with a multi-year cloud management megaproject.



Our team’s exponential growth necessitates a larger workspace. So we expand into the second floor of our headquarters in Rosenheim’s city center. During this period, we harness the power of HashiCorp’s Terraform to provision multicloud projects, and are thrilled by its capabilities. Towards the end of the year, we initiate the tradition of TeamDays at Kraftwörk Rosenheim, which has since become a driving force behind our innovative endeavors. 



We build an MS Azure IoT backend for Proxima Solutions. Mid-year, we proudly win the Siemens Stiftung team as a client and provided our services for an international project. Within our own team, we roll out IT Service Management (ITSM) to standardize the end-to-end delivery of IT services. 


Downtown Office

As our team continues to grow, we move from the tristesse of the industrial area into the heart of Rosenheim’s city center. During this year, we develop an IoT multi-cloud backend and introduce server management as a Managed Service with Puppet. The launch of our first website adds to our high spirits, and towards the end of the year, we proudly announce the launch of our first AWS Cloud Formation IaC project. 


Digital TV

We manage the AWS infrastructure for RTL ZWEI and are actively involved in pioneering digital projects for the TV channel. So who of you guys still recalls YOU? Throughout this period, we cater to smartphone users, ensuring top-notch server power for formats like “Berlin – Tag & Nacht.” Concurrently, we standardize cloud services such as monitoring, server provisioning, and web hosting while successfully launching the Icinga monitoring system. 


Off to the Cloud

For our client Knitter-Switch, we develop a Distributed Hosting Solution on AWS. We also won the trust of the V-Bank AG team and provided them with top-notch IT consulting and services. Our collaboration with RTL ZWEI on their Berlin – Tag & Nacht App Backend on AWS marked a significant milestone as we wholeheartedly embraced the cloud. 


Hello umwerk systems

Cheers to our founding year! In close cooperation with our partners from umwerk GmbH, our umwerk systems GmbH takes charge of hosting shared clients like RTL ZWEI and the Deutsche Skiverband DSV. 

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