Make use of opportunities and potentials!

Translate ideas or innovations into flexible cloud solutions. Our role in all this? We’ll escort your digital transformation process with end-to-end infrastructures that grow along with your use-case and which simultaneously secure data, operations and maintenance.

Your data is made available worldwide in a way that is mobile, connective, and highly performant. With complete unobtrusiveness, we’ll scale resources in the background to automatically respond to variations in peak user volumes.

Up into the cloud!


We plug. You play.


Git push. Profit!


Less: Complexity. More: Usability.

Because we want to act in our customers’ best interest every step of the way, we’ll support them in maintaining a sustainable IT infrastructure. A pure cost block thus converts into a corporate advantage: Your teams benefit from smoothly running operations and technology that is a reflection of the times. Your users benefit from a perfect digital user experience.

1. Software as a Service – SaaS

We plug. You play.

Whether you opt for self-development, legacy, 3rd-party or open source – advance systematically. Embedding in an automated high-tech infrastructure makes a sustainable contribution to your entrepreneurial success and therefore, applications become more efficient, and the user experience improves.

We’ll support you in transforming your on-premises systems while freeing you from the burdens of legacy software and infrastructures. We manage, automate and transform aged infrastructure and transform them into modern environments while ensuring they’re reliably deployed and operate your application(s) with the highest availability, security and performance possible. We manage your enterprise computing, increase your competitive edge with infrastructure as code and deliver cost-efficient, reliable and auditable solutions.

Our mutual goal is to provision your applications so that they are highly available, scalable, flexible and ensure high-performance operation. Our motto: We’ve achieved our goal if you don’t even notice we’re there.

2. Platform as a Service – Paas

Git Push. Profit!

Managed services such as databases, caches or message queues and/or AI, big data and machine learning – sub-units strategically strengthen your infrastructure or get your sub-projects up and running. Thanks to individually composed, lean cloud platform services, we train enterprises and incubators with the needed elements essential to their environments.

Our customers profit from tailored premium technologies or hybrid cloud strategies while temporarily cushioning peaks in resource requirements. With technological expertise and a fine hand, we orchestrate integrations into existing systems. We define sub-strategies that dovetail perfectly with your cloud application strategy and provide a way to model your future application as proof of concept. We’ll make all the necessary resources available to you on demand.

We’ll keep your success in view, consolidate the loose ends and implement reliable infrastructures suited perfectly to your application use-cases. With cloud platform services, you profit from custom-tailored solutions and costs, from digital workflows and practical approaches.

3. System integration

Less: Complexity. More: Usability.

Even if no one single cloud strategy resembles another, there is one thing we do know: A highly performant infrastructure grows along with a company into the future. It ideally networks individual components, supports team collaboration and ultimately facilitates the internal processes of all staff. With this knowledge, we migrate your project to the cloud – and set our sights on your targets as if they were our own.

We reduce complexity and make it possible for all the gears in your systems to engage efficiently. We’ll supply you with comprehensive technical know-how needed to get you going from the very start. We determine your status quo, use this as a basis for deriving your individual cloud strategy and guide you safely over the technical hurdles of digital transformation.

Our team looks back on a decade of cloud advisory services provided to renowned enterprise customers. We dependably stand at your side and adapt and/or develop clear, plannable and feasible solution strategies. Within the scope of our collaboration, we guarantee the utmost care, in-depth expertise, solution-oriented communication and enthusiasm for your project.

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