Nextcloud for homeoffice teams.

Enabling teams to continue contributing and working together efficiently from home, while simultaneously keeping things secure is a big task in itself, only complicated by the current climate. With an interoperable Nextcloud server we can ease the task of managing a secure environment for your files, while providing a whole host of additional features.

Nextcloud – more than just file sharing

Has this digital emergency opened areas you’re not ideally prepared for? Do you have a dulled feeling; your employees are taking home office, but you’re tasked with managing it?

Then please welcome Nextcloud, a complete groupware solution to assist in collaborative and secure resource sharing for companies of all sizes. As GDPR regulations grow more complicated, it’s easy to get caught off guard – fortunately Nextcloud is also GDPR compliant. Wrap things up with our expertly managed, high-performance hosting sourced from high-quality German data centers.

Let us prepare your personalized Nextcloud experience!

So that your employees can continue to work efficiently from their homes. We’ll install and configure your own Nextcloud environment, while supporting you professionally during the process.

Optionally, choose from us hosting and operating your Nextcloud server in the cloud, or let us integrate the server into your existing infrastructure. Just like getting a new car, we’ll hand over the keys, ready for your employees to start exchanging files securely and efficiently, from anywhere.

But the best thing about Nextcloud is…

…that it’s so much more than just a safe place to store your files. It’s a groupware goldmine, with a whole host of additional features!

For example, in a single collaborative interface, your teams can:

  • automate processes
  • create sketches
  • edit documents (OnlyOffice)
  • manage photo albums
  • organize meetings
  • use centralized calendar and address directories
  • webmail and workspaces

Corona’s bad enough.

Because our customers deserve the best in professional IT expertise, we’re on tap to get companies back to work swiftly, without them having to suffer additional economic losses. COVID-19 is bad, but we’re here to fight the digital front.

Viruses may leave you with a hot head, but we at ROSSY are as cool headed as a bunch of arctic administrators.

Regardless of whether you’re 10 or 1000 employees, we’re ready to integrate Nextcloud into any size or existing company landscape.

What do you need to do?

Contact us and let us advise you. Our offer includes support, monitoring and an SLA that’s quickly submitted. Additionally, we’re happy to implement a solution in cooperation with your own IT experts. Get in touch, what’re you waiting for!

But most importantly – stay safe everyone!

und SLA ist schnell unterbreitet. Die Realisation übernehmen wir auch gerne in Zusammenarbeit mit Ihren IT-Experten. Kontaktieren Sie uns. Und das Wichtigste – xund bleim!

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