Server Management

Full power to your resources!

Are legacy applications and outdated or obsolete software programs sapping your innovative strength? We’ll help your company to rid itself of such legacy burdens. Let’s talk about your status quo and develop a strategy for efficient server management with an eye on costs and resources. We ensure compatibility between operating systems and IT infrastructures, and offer flexible solutions

  • in connection with hosting in Germany,
  • regarding outsourcing strategies within Germany and
  • for custom-tailored security alerts and security monitoring.

Custom-tailored solutions!


Modernized into the future!


Managed services
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Monitoring and alerting
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Update and patch management
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Our in-depth experience in server management makes work easier for your teams. Profit from custom-tailored solutions in connection with VPN, virtualization, managed services, monitoring, alerts, update management and patch management. Keep your competitive edge thanks to cost savings, flexibility, error resilience and added security.

1. Virtualization

Modernized into the future!

A modernized, flexible, less complex infrastructure rids the server landscape of needless costs: Server consolidation and numerous other improvements initiate valuable small growth steps in the enterprise. This strengthens the organization so that it can deal with crises as well as expansion.

The virtualization of numerous servers into fewer systems offers the advantage to make better use of your resources. By consolidating your existing server infrastructure we’ll implement professional solutions for operating legacy systems and agency servers, while additionally conforming to GDPR-compliant green hosting within Germany.

Operating emergent infrastructures, we offer the necessary resources to continue to operate legacy applications for as long as necessary, while also providing cost saving measures. Gain access to greater efficiency, resources and flexibility – not just within IT but also within the entirety of your enterprise.

2. Managed Services

You-name-it as a service!

With managed services, we deliver precisely the IT modules that are missing in your company. We can take care of the maintenance, support, monitoring of your applications and services while staying in complete accordance with individual requirements – either temporarily or as a long-term all-round solution.

Within the scope of working-from-home enterprise strategies, we provide you with individual VPN solutions that you can use to launch your teams into the mobile era. Thanks to regular backups, we alleviate the risks and losses should a server fail, or an error occur.

Our solution modules are high-quality, flexible, precisely calculable, and professionally complement your systems. Let’s talk about your status quo or your future requirements. We will deliver you a custom-tailored strategy and offer valuable support for digital change processes, while also supporting you in efficiently maintaining your operations even when staff or infrastructure bottlenecks may arise.

3. Monitoring and Alerting

Everything you need to know at a glance!

Modern infrastructures are complex and subject to the dynamics of a continuously changing development landscape. Complex infrastructures are susceptible to mistakes or breaking down. We know from experience that the consequences of small problems should never be underestimated. Problems need to be remedied and resolved quickly and efficiently by using robust and verbose monitoring as a first step of measure.

Use our expertly crafted set of alerts built upon years of experience and testing in classic and cloud hosting environments. Use your own individual monitoring strategy to precisely correspond to what you envision. Whether it is alerts for logs, applications or metrics, rest assured that the information will land in the hands of those who matter.

With our monitoring and alerting approach, as well as our flexible SLAs, you can lean back, knowing your systems are monitored and ready for any of the challenges ahead.

4. Update and Patch Management

Always updated to the forefront of security!

The way we see it, active patch management means emancipation from risks. Our best practice is therefore to close gaps in security without any time lag. This is the very reason why we also monitor patch levels of the servers installed in the company and take care of everything above and beyond that in terms of security.

In order to keep completely up to date, we continuously monitor information across very widely distributed and international channels in the IT security arena. In this way, we find out about warnings fast, can pass them on to our customers in context and can secure their entrepreneurial interests.

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