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Long before anyone else, Google deployed containers for productive workloads at a large scale. To this day, many Google services such as Gmail, Google Search, Google Maps and the Google App Engine, to name but a few, all run within containers. Back then, Google didn’t have a suitable system for maintaining large clusters of containers. This called for some ingenuity. From the Google oven came Kubernetes, and with it, a whole host of improvements.

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Hello developer!
We’re building your Kubernetes world!

This is to all the developers out there: you’re awesome! Developers and administrators alike, you’re on a path to absolute digitalization, without which, humanity wouldn’t have awesome developments such as IoT devices.

Here at ROSSY, we’d like to be part of this digitalization, by offering our finest, home-grown Kubernetes solutions for every type of infrastructure. Accelerate your server management by letting Kubernetes administrate systems by itself.

The Kubernetes ecosystem is a large and rapidly growing library of add-ons and features. Load balancing and autoscaling are just some of the awesome features baked into the Kubernetes core. A fully-fledged API means that there’s a huge community of administrators and developers building tools and extensions to further improve support and accessibility.

With Kubernetes, continuous deployment and integration seamlessly integrate with each other. Kubernetes configured systems assist in making application infrastructures robust and reliable.

Sounds cool, but what can Kubernetes do for you?

With Kubernetes container orchestration, you can concentrate 100 % on development, freeing yourself of interruptions. While this all sounds great, we’ve found Kubernetes can be complex to configure, often being underestimated and incorrectly managed. Because of this, our team of cloud administrators are there to deploy installations, giving you a stress-free experience, and leaving you to focus on the important stuff.

Using our DevOps approach to administration, benefit from standardized requirements, less problem areas and an expertly managed infrastructure. We’ve got your back.

Kubernetes in a nutshell:

  • Compatibility with all common CI / CDs
  • Easy embedding in cloud infrastructure via plugins
  • Everything runs on the same hardware
    (without new installations)
  • Frees developers from the cloud backend
    (AWS/Azure/Google/On-Premise etc.)
  • Scalability
  • Unified interface for admins
  • Use cloud resources flexibly
    (e.g. prioritize data processing during non-peak hours)

An excellent cost saver – if you do it the right way!

Free resources. More flexibility.
Dream Kubernetes! 

So, here’s the deal with Kubernetes. You profit from extra resources and time for development and we’ll take care of the technical stuff. Using your existing development framework, environment requirements and tools, our technicians will adapt and configure a personalized Kubernetes environment.

Now you’re in charge, control your Kubernetes deployment the way you want; do away with requesting resources, concentrate on development and administer containers within your own frameworks and environments.

The process starts here, get ready!

We’ll advise you on the best course of action, from configuration to tailoring your individual Kubernetes experience to your needs. Once everything is up & running, we will operate the ship, controlling the clusters behind the scenes and making sure everything’s smooth sailing.

You can expect a prompt and professional service, including binding SLAs and flexible support throughout the various stages of development. Regardless of whether you’re in a go-live or maintenance phase, we’re here to support you every step of the way.

„Kubernetes, if you personify it, is doing the things that the very best system administrator would do. If I give you a piece of code, it becomes very easy to deploy it to the environment it needs to be in.“Kelsey Hightower – Developer at Google & co-author of “Kubernetes: Up and Running”

What makes Kubernetes so valuable?

Updating servers, installing security patches, configuring networks and performing backups, are less problematic to manage and take advantage of Kubernetes in the cloud.

Migrations between different environments, cloud providers and platforms are also made easier, with the whole process being orchestratable.

Thus, instead of complex heterogeneous infrastructures, our solutions allow you to benefit from closed, but granular development systems.

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