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Digital systems and cloud infrastructures

The future of enterprises

Over the past few decades, digital systems and infrastructures have evolved into mission-critical organs of modern enterprises.

As long as these powerful technologies continue to function quietly, we hardly notice them. Behind the scenes, unnoticed, they empower corporate growth, communication and innovation and increase our level of satisfaction on the job.

Their quality decides competitve strengths. Sustainable success without lean, powerful digital systems, without infrastructures that scale along with the enterprise? Inconceivable.

Business running!

Our customers rely on us

We provide our customers with the strategies, services and technologies to enable their teams to work together as a matter of course across continents and time zones for the first time in human history. Almost as if they were sitting side by side.

Our work frees up developer teams. With the capacities which have become available, our customers revolutionize linear television. They get Industry 4.0 on course for success and synchronize human work with machines, processes and enterprises. Or they shape the Internet of Things and introduce products and opportunities that previous generations have dreamed of.

Plan, build, run!

In three steps to the cloud


In the planning phase, we catch you where you currently stand. We assess your needs and define your cloud strategy. Let’s discuss your challenge! Book your free initial consultation, a tech talk, or an expert workshop right now. 


In the build phase, we implement your cloud strategy from the planning phase and provide all the resources for realization or integration of the infrastructure. Look forward to quick provisioning and a short time-to-market. 


In the run phase, we continuously operate your completed cloud infrastructure, allowing you to focus entirely on development. We take care of monitoring, security, and ongoing adjustments.

We live the

To make sure our customers stay happy, our team of technology-inspired system administrators, cloud natives and specialists spend most of their day with their sleeves rolled up in the virtuality engine room.

Our care and passion pay off with efficient, cost-optimized, scalable and highly available AWS cloud infrastructures – and thus with long-term competitive advantages for our customers. Our collective team knowledge really advances our customers. And that makes us happy. Because we want to be satisfied with our daily work.

Our clients love one thing:

Simple solutions to complex IT

They want pros who are forward-thinking and who can handle data responsibly. They want cost transparency. And they want people who get the job done, with whom collaboration is both efficient and fun.

Because it lets them focus on what really matters.

How can we help you?

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Grow cloud-high with us and apply now! We work remotely from anywhere – or in our headquarters located in Rosenheim/Germany.

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