High performance & scalability.

Poor performance is definitely a problem

Many users are currently noticing how websites, online shops, news outlets, conference platforms and similarly frequented services are running badly, or in some cases, even running to a standstill due to the influx of users. We’ve observed a great number of friends, partners and customers floating dead in the water as a result of the Corona crisis continuing to affect our digital footprint.

In our experience, this is often the fault of an infrastructure that is not designed for large waves of users. As a consequence, the availability of these services suffer, with the systems being slowly swamped. The cause of the problems is often resource-related, with many companies shying away from contact with digital and technical changes, or even the financial investment.

However, what starts as an unpleasant user experience, can slowly evolve to make collaboration (Keywords: Collaboration, CMS, CRM etc.) with colleagues, difficult or impossible. This can lead to misunderstandings in projects, impacting the sales and image, extra costs to the customers and ultimately endangering one’s own profitability.

Experts in high-performance technology

We’re specialists in high-performance hosting and analyzing errors in IT infrastructures. We can help companies to get shifted and multiplied user streams under control, or to balance web-based applications and performance bottlenecks in a stable way.

Contact us for an individual, managed solution for a project of any size.

What we can do for you

We encourage you to contact us if you’re in need of our support. We can set up a lean, fully digital enquiry process for affected companies.

Step 1 – What’s your story?

Arrange a free, initial twenty-minute consultation with us, by phone +49 (0)8031 / 79 68 87-0 or by E-Mail info@rossy-it.com.

Describe your current situation with your requirements, and if it becomes clear that we can help you, then we’ll send a cost estimate for an initial, customized diagnosis / analysis of your problem.

Step 2 – Diagnosis

As part of our initial diagnosis, we’ll search for server problems and the digital bottlenecks associated with them. Based on this diagnosis, we’ll recommend the measures and solutions necessary to resolve your particular case.

Additionally, we can also provide a follow-up quote for the implementation of the recommended measures, which we will implement either directly, or in close consultation with your IT department.

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Step 3 – Realisation

Based on our diagnosis and the specifications of the subsequent follow-up offer we’ve developed for you, we’ll then implement the measures within your server environment.

From configuring services to default settings, we’ll make sure that the right technologies are used for your particular situation. We’ll ensure fast loading times, by checking your proxy / load balancers and by equipping them with their own CDN (Content Delivery Network).

We optimize

  • NGINX Hosting
  • Varnish-Caching
  • Individual CDNs
  • GeoDNS / GeoIP
  • Site-Profiling
  • PHP Realtime-Profiling
  • Optimized Hardware
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Load Times
  • Proxy/ Loadbalancers
  • Overloading
  • DDoS Protection
  • Access Control
  • SSD-Hosting
  • SSL via LetsEncrypt

Now it’s your turn!

Book your free, twenty-minute initial consultation now and tell us your story. But most importantly – stay safe!

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