We operate your cloud!

Cloud operation from the experts

You’re decision-makers or part of a development team. And you’re in search of dedicated experts for cloud operations? Great – we advise and support you in every phase of your digital transformation.

In the operational phase, we simplify and continuously secure the operations of your applications in cloud infrastructures and adjust your infrastructure to changing needs.

Plan, build, run!

In three steps to the cloud

In the planning phase, we catch you where you currently stand. We assess your needs and define your cloud strategy. Let’s discuss your challenge! Book your free initial consultation, a tech talk, or an expert workshop right now. 

In the build phase, we implement your cloud strategy from the planning phase and provide all the resources for realization or integration of the infrastructure. Look forward to quick provisioning and a short time-to-market. 

In the run phase, we continuously operate your completed cloud infrastructure, allowing you to focus entirely on development. We take care of monitoring, security, and ongoing adjustments. 

Rossy Run

  • We ensure the reliable operations of your applications up-to-date
  • We provide standardized processes and interfaces for cloud operations, ensuring maximum reliability and security benefits for both your decision-makers and development teams
  • We simplify the operations of your applications and support your deployment within cloud infrastructures
  • We offer cloud operations support, monitoring, patch management, backup, central logging, and account management within standardized processes and interfacesHow much does your team need ROSSY Run?
  • We supply you professionally with the highest reliability and security

How much does your team need ROSSY Run?

Let’s find out. What’s certain is that we can extend our cloud expertise to all industries, company sizes, and roles. Our clients come from various sectors, including finance, e-commerce, manufacturing, education, media, and energy.

Happy customers

Our clients include startups, agencies, German SMEs, and corporations. Teams of CTOs, CIOs, IT managers, DevOps engineers, data scientists, and compliance officers benefit from our expertise. 

Here’s what you can expect from ROSSY Run

  • We are your professional partner for cloud operations who work together with you to advance your success
  • ROSSY Run simplifies the operations and monitoring of applications in cloud infrastructures. 
  • To achieve this, we employ proven methods and technologies for monitoring and logging … 
  • … and provide structured processes for your team. 
  • Individual monitoring endpoints and alerting pathways notify your developers of action items when issues arise. 
  • ROSSY Run ensures the efficient operations of your applications while ensuring security and performance. 

Book your free initial consultation, tech talk, workshop, or proof of concept!



  • free of charge
  • let’s get acquainted
  • requirements determination
  • next steps

2 Hours

Tech talk

  • round of experts
  • best practice
  • cloud advisory
  • recommendation for next steps



  • meet the experts
  • analysis
  • core strategy
  • quotation


Get the sustainable all-in-one solution for the secure operations of your applications!

Individual Modules

  • Cloud Operations Support
  • Monitoring
  • Patch Management
  • Backup
  • Central Logging
  • Account Management

Additional Modules

  • Access VPN 
  • Reporting

Cloud Operations in Practice

We aim to meet your cloud operations requirements ideally: ROSSY Run offers solutions for your greenfield and brownfield projects, as well as migrations or supports your digital transformation. Together, we evaluate your current infrastructure, define clear goals, and select the appropriate cloud provider and technology that align with your needs.

With Infrastructure as Code (IaC), we integrate modern technologies, optimizing your workflow and fostering collaboration between IT departments and development teams.

We provide training for your development team on best practices and tools. Our common goal is the seamless integration of our solutions into your team and daily workflow.

Attention, please! ROSSY Run requires ROSSY Build

Before we can start with ROSSY Run, we evaluate your requirements for smooth operations with ROSSY Build, define clear goals, and select the appropriate technology to optimize your business case.

Modular Pricing Model for Cloud Operations

Our ROSSY Run service package is modularly structured, designed with a focus on cost efficiency. You only pay for the services you actually need. The base model includes core functions such as monitoring and operations support. It also includes maintenance and further development. You benefit from the expanding possibilities of IaaS providers and reliability in cloud operations.

Depending on your needs and project phase, you can choose from various support levels and a range of add-on modules to further tailor your package. Examples of add-on modules include VPN access and individual monitoring endpoints. Our cloud operations service allows for flexible and individual customization to meet your specific needs.