Obituary – Rest in Peace, Mr. Umwerk.

Seven months have passed, but we are still unable to really comprehend it: on April 21, the founder of our umwerk group, Andreas Jungbauer, unexpectedly passed away, leaving behind a legacy.

Andreas founded the umwerk group over a decade ago. Shortly afterwards, Andreas and I sealed a decision which would come to be known as umwerk systems GmbH. This was seen as an opportunity to extend the service range of umwerk itself. Since the small universe that Andreas created is the way it is, and since we are all exactly the way we are, in losing Andreas we have lost more than a mere colleague. In losing him, umwerk as well as umwerk systems have lost a partner and a friend.

Andreas created a small universe, an umwerk universe, and within it a family of umwerkers. In losing Andreas we have lost more than a mere colleague, but a friend and a family member, of umwerk and umwerk systems together.

Andreas fascinated all of us. He was wild, without conventions, his energy appeared boundless and his legendary sense of humor is something that will always be in our memory. His vitality, his wild temperament, as well as his entrepreneurial clarity electrified us and everyone around.

Aside from his family, the umwerk group was perhaps the most important part of his life and self-conception. As a person with seemingly endless energy, he helped build the success of our group with the utmost personal commitment.

Being the person he was, he shaped the future in a manner only few are capable of. He wanted it all, and he negotiated hard for the objectives he seeked.

We will however, have to continue his ultimate goal of “world domination!” ourselves.

May there always be someone by your side who you can laugh with
and who knows your songs. And, at the end of the day, may you be
wrapped in the cloak of love and peace.

~ Unknown author ~

We continue to be shaken by the sudden and sad departure of our good friend Andreas and remind ourselves of how things in our lives can never truly be planned for. As a small homage to Andreas and as a way of sharing memories, we relinked all the umwerk websites to a digital book of condolence for a period of a few weeks.

This is where numerous digital appreciations from many people who were close to Andreas and our umwerk universe will remain as mourning and as symbol of umwerk’s digital infrastructure. In doing so, we would like to keep the memory of Andreas alive.

Andreas has also left a painful gap in our enterprise. We send our deeply felt sympathy and condolences to Andreas’ family Mandy and Anika, his parents, his brother and his friends.

It is with deep mourning that we say farewell.

Andreas, rest in peace!

Stefan Kutka on behalf of the umwerk systems team

Credits: Ryunosuke Kikuno / Unsplash