Managed AWS Hosting by the ROSSY Team

AWS and AMS: Cost Efficiency and Security

We are a certified AWS partner and manage your AWS accounts: With Amazon Web Services (AWS), we bring your business, IoT product, or online store to the cloud with cost-effective solutions. 

Thanks to Amazon Managed Services (AMS), we enable you to optimize the use of AWS to the fullest while assisting you in securely and cost-efficiently operating AWS. 

Operational Functions of Amazon Managed Services


Incident Monitoring and Management


AWS Incident Detection and AWS Incident Response


Security, Patching, Backup, and Cost Optimization

Our Amazon Cloud Solutions Drive Your Success

  • Plan! We analyze your current situation and optimize your AWS costs. 
  • Build! We provision your infrastructure in the cloud via Infrastructure as Code (IaC) (if desired, we can also manage your billing arrangements, including cost management, with AWS). 
  • Run! We continuously operate your finished cloud infrastructure to the latest standards, allowing you to focus entirely on development. 

We assist you hands-on in synchronizing standard AWS services and specialized automations, capabilities, and experience with your development environment and custom applications. AWS Managed Services / AMS provides proactive, preventive, and detective features. 

This way, we bring quality to your digitalization, minimize your business risk, and enable agility. Your development remains the primary focus at all times, allowing you to concentrate fully on your actual job.

Happy Customers

Your Benefits with AWS Managed Services

We are here to support your goals and provide you with everything you need to use AWS Managed Services professionally. From small hostings to cloud servers of any size, to complex and distributed infrastructures with thousands of services.

Get to know AWS Managed Services with ROSSY

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