Docker – container(er)s everything

Docker: Mature, flexible, ultra-efficient.

Everyone’s talking about Docker. This modern framework works on the basis of virtual containers. With Docker, our customers only pay for the resources they actually use, reducing their time-to-market and time-to-value and streamlining their portfolio.

Docker under the hood

This Open Source framework is based on various Linux techniques, such as using groups and namespaces to allow the isolation of applications with container virtualization. It modernizes and optimizes traditional apps by bundling whole environments. Application availability is subsequently accelerated many times over.

Once containerized and integrated into a secure supply chain, Docker – without new tools, without new code and without annoying learning processes – brings incredible speed to your IT infrastructure. Our ROSSY technicians are quite fascinated by Docker, and we think you ought to be excited too! We particularly like the fact that Docker elegantly transforms the IT ecosystem without having to reinvent the wheel.

How does it work?

To begin, the so-called “containers” separate and assist in managing deployment code, runtime modules, system tools and system libraries – simply put, all the resources used in configuring and deploying an environment. Docker simplifies this whole process by making it possible to transfer and install applications as containers.

Your advantages with Docker

Docker enables you to be truly be independent of applications, infrastructure, developers and DevOp workflows. The Open Source nature of the framework helps compresses your business infrastructure into manageable and highly scalable building blocks. In addition to making life easier for your developers, Docker makes controlling all your applications in the cloud a breeze. You can easily keep track of deployments, scale and free up resources so your teams can collaborate more effectively.

The coolest thing about this all? You only pay for the resources you actually use, thereby reducing your time to market and time to value; streamline your cloud portfolio, data centers and app architectures and increase your ROI. With Docker, your potential savings range from hardware and energy costs to expensive server configurations.

How we use Docker with our customers

ROSSY uses Docker containers to orchestrate different customer infrastructures by:

  • operating Kubernetes clusters for complex applications in the Web and IoT fields.
  • deploying pipelines on different platforms.
  • providing developers with a prototyping environment.

Docker is exciting for you, too!

“Docker” does not necessarily have to be synonymous with “cloud”.

The platforms you run your services on, are entirely up to you. We will always advise you individually based on your specific conditions – from the plug & play SAAS container solution, to the highly available, scalable enterprise solutions that Kubernetes clusters have to offer.

You’re only one small step away, from your tailor-made Docker solution.

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