Conferencing comfort for the DSV

Video conferencing – and way more

The Deutsche Skiverband (DSV) has been a valued customer of ROSSY for many years. In the past their teams had used many diverse conferencing solutions. However a new solution was necessary to meet the demands of modern privacy and security requirements. We regularly communicate with the DSV in-house IT expert, Edgar Anneser. During various discussions, it emerged that the DSV was looking for a stand-alone, GDPR-compliant server solution, for its video conferences. We recommended that Mr. Anneser should take a look at the BigBlueButton (BBB) conferencing suite, with its powerful selection of tools that it has on offer.

Here’s why we like BBB

BigBlueButton is an Open Source service, which makes it extremely appealing to us resident internet aficionados. But we also think the tool has a pretty good principle … It delivers a modern web conferencing experience with features that were previously unavailable to the DSV. BBB allows users to participate either in the role of a listener or as a moderator. Of course, it supports public and private chats by default as well as breakout rooms, customizable backgrounds, integrated VoIP with FreeSWITCH support and a whole host of document tools for PDF & Microsoft Office files.

When it comes to the keyword “presentation”, the extended whiteboard features such as the on-screen pointer, zooming options and annotation tools were obvious must-haves for spicing up DSV presentations. In addition, BBB allows easy integration into major learning platforms and content management systems, making it a perfect fit for the DSV, which use Nextcloud and Moodle as a part of their software environment. To make things easier, BBB also allows a seamless workflow between collaborating on shared documents to sharing audio and video files.

A customer as enthusiastic as we are.

We had BBB up and running for the DSV, with their services migrated and servers configured to ensure ample room for scaling. Although a few teething troubles had been overcome, Mr. Anneser was enthusiastic about the result.

The DSV can now record educational material (including courses for trainers and skiing instructors) and offer them playable content at any time.