Mitarbeiter Rossy


Tommy wrote his first programs at the age of eleven. Which course he would take became clear to his family when his computer teacher once called him to coordinate the lessons for the next school day. In his first life, Tommy successfully completed a mission in the world of glaziers. Since 2018, the Munich native has been bringing together customer requirements, system and service levels at ROSSY.


Devops is communication

DevOps – Developers and Cloud Admins in convo. In this episode, Christian and Marcus talk with Daniel from hilarion5.

Living for remote leadership

Christian has helped transform an up-and-coming IT company into an organised, effective working envionment. Find out how.

Tinker tailer, Linux administrator

Get to know our bearded programmer, Markus, with his brains and brawn; he lends himself as a tinker tailor administrator!
Stefan Kutka Captain ROSSY

Captain ROSSY

How did it all begin, with us and the cloud? Read about how ROSSY IT came into being.