As a full-hearted Linux admin, Markus pulls the strings in the background to make sure that everything runs stably. In a distant past, our longest-serving ROSSY engineer worked as a roofer at daytime and lived in the Internet at night By now, the man with the stern look and the soft heart has turned his passion into profession: He concocts his most ingenious ideas for the cloud industry while vaping in front of the company door.


Devops is communication

DevOps – Developers and Cloud Admins in convo. In this episode, Christian and Marcus talk with Daniel from hilarion5.

Living for remote leadership

Christian has helped transform an up-and-coming IT company into an organised, effective working envionment. Find out how.

Tinker tailer, Linux administrator

Get to know our bearded programmer, Markus, with his brains and brawn; he lends himself as a tinker tailor administrator!
Stefan Kutka Captain ROSSY

Captain ROSSY

How did it all begin, with us and the cloud? Read about how ROSSY IT came into being.